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How can I import an excel workbook's SHEET TITLE?

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Coral Reyes
Coral Reyes on 22 Jun 2015
Commented: Coral Reyes on 22 Jun 2015
I am writing a program by importing data from an excel workbook and the final result is a figure for each sheet. I am using a for loop to generate all the figures and will like to use each sheet's name as the figure's title and file name. Is there a way I can connect both?


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Jeremy on 22 Jun 2015
use the xlsfinfo function to read the names of all the sheets in an excel file.

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Coral Reyes
Coral Reyes on 22 Jun 2015
So let's say I have 4 sheets and I have my figures i write
for kk=1:1:4
x=xlsread('Excel Title.xlsx', kk, 'A2:A11'); Y=xlsread('Excel Title.xlsx', kk, 'B2:B11');
hold on;
for ii=1:1:10
plot (x(ii),y(ii))
how do I use that function? I am new to Matlab

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