error while evaluating uimenu callback( in fuzzy toolbox)

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I am using the MATLAB 2011.
Previously, I designed a fuzzy system with fuzzy toolbox. Now, after I change membership functions defined for input and save the file with the old name or a new name, when I open modified file, I encounter the following error:
??? Error using ==> fisgui #openfis Error: Expression or statement is incomplete or incorrect.
Error in ==> readfis at 187 MFName=eval(MFStr((nameStart+1):(nameEnd-1)));
Error in ==> fisgui at 117 [fis,errorStr]=readfis;
??? Error while evaluating uimenu Callback
Please advise me on the wrong.
Thank you in advance
Ankita Kumari Jain
Ankita Kumari Jain on 15 Oct 2020
Hi, Patricia Osifo. I had the same struggle. Try opening your code using notepad and rename or check for errors. Mine had errors where the membership function names didnt have an " or : . Do let me know if this helps :)

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Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh
Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh on 27 Jun 2015
Sounds like a terrible situation. You can't even open it to edit things. Is it possible to make a definition/coding violation in the fuzzy GUI?!!!
I haven't used the graphical user interface. I write code to use fuzzy toolbox.
You know MATLAB does not like names with spaces, or numbers as the first letter, and some more. I'm just suggesting, rename it to a very typical name (thisIsMyDamagedFuzzy) see if anything changes!
Fell free to attach your file, I may try to open it as well.

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