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Passing arguments to JVM from MCC

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MKNote on 24 Jun 2015
Commented: Matthew Granato on 7 Oct 2016
I am trying to build my Matlab code into a Java JAR using mcc. I am using R2010b on Red Hat (RHEL5) and JDK 1.8.
I can build my code using JDK 1.7, but when I try to switch to Java 8 (which is a mandatory transition in my company), building fails at the Javadoc step, of all places. It complains of improperly placed "</p>" tags.
I have run the mcc command with -K to keep the intermediate outputs, then rerun Javadoc by itself with -Xdoclint:none and it completed successfully.
However, I haven't been able to figure out how to make mcc pass this argument automatically.
Is there a way to do so, or alternatively to skip Javadoc creation altogether?
Regards, Brian


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Enkh on 30 Sep 2016
It's not possible to pass in custom javac and javadoc commands through mcc, as of R2016b, so using the -K option to keep intermediate output and manually rerunning the java tools is the proper workaround.
We are aware of the javadoc lint tool issue with JDK 1.8, and this should be addressed when MATLAB supports Java 1.8 in the future.

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Matthew Granato
Matthew Granato on 7 Oct 2016
I'm eagerly awaiting the 1.8 support as well. In the meantime, could you give a little more detail on the java tools to run? For instance, when running the "magic square" example, we get
mcc -K -W 'java:makesqr,Class1' -T link:lib -d C:\Users\%username%\Documents\MATLAB\makesqr\for_testing -v 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox\javabuilder\Examples\MagicSquareExample\MagicDemoComp\makesqr.m' 'class{Class1:C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox\javabuilder\Examples\MagicSquareExample\MagicDemoComp\makesqr.m}'
You can go to the logfile and get the command to re-run javadoc, but what should we run to get an installer in the "for_redistribution" folder?

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