Converting Matlab 6.5 Level 2 S-Function to Matlab 2014b

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I'm trying to get a Matlab 6.5 level 2 S-Function to work in Matlab 2014b. This S-Function is used in an old simulink model we are trying to update. We have to be able to build the model, and not just run it.
When I try to use mex on the c file, I get the following errors & warnings
So there are 3 syntax errors on line 489 of rtlibsrc.h - an identifier 'rt_EnableState' a semicolon ';' and 'type' error. I see nothing wrong with the C code in rtlibsrc.h, and there shouldn't be any because it's a built in Matlab header file. Do you have any suggestions / ideas of why this might be happening?

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Drew Davis
Drew Davis on 26 Jun 2015
The rtw/c/lib and rtw/c/libsrc directories have been removed since the R2008b installation therefore if you are including the header:
#include "rtlibsrc.h
in your hand written c source file or TLC file you would encounter a compilation error.
Therefore, to resolve this issue, you will have to remove all dependencies upon these libraries in your custom written code.

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