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dear colleages... i have a problem with a table... here is the problem....
i got a table named depth:
i need to create two new tables (submarine and aerea) each one composed by selected values of the table depth and also composed by two columns each one:
for submarine: i need all negative values of the second column of depth (depth(:,2), with each corresponding value of the first colum of depth (depth(:,1).
for aerea: the same but positve values...
i prepare this but dosent work
i think, find is not correct to be used in this case.... but what can i use?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Nov 2011
submarine = depth(depth(:,2)<0, :);
aerea = depth(depth:,2)>0, :);
Question: what if the depth was exactly 0 ?
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Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 29 Nov 2011
if depth=0 is aerea

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