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Hiding text of a string (like passwords)

Asked by Jethro on 3 Dec 2011
I need to set an "Edit Text" as a password input area, and I want the text entered by users is not visible, but replaced by symbols.
I think it's necessary to have two files, one with the actual passwords and one with the "encryption", in order to compare the real password and login
Do you have any idea on how to set up work?
Thanks in advance!

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Even if I used another way, you tried to help me!

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1 Answer

Answer by Naz
on 3 Dec 2011
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on 3 Dec 2011
Right under the video there is a link to get a file.
on 3 Dec 2011
There is a function 'KeyPress_Function' almost at the end of the script
Thanks for the indication... I'll try it and if it works, I'll accept your answer!
I'm going to sleep (in Italy are 03.00 AM) xD

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