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Problems with MaxPossibleArrayBytes dropping while overall memory use does not change

Asked by Jaroslaw Tuszynski on 13 Jul 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Jaroslaw Tuszynski on 13 Jul 2015
I a have a code where a data is processed in a long loop. Code is implemented a OOP class and all the memory is preallocated. Processing is going well until I suddenly I run out of memory. I started monitoring memory usage using "memory" function user.MemUsedMATLAB and class size never changes, but user.MaxPossibleArrayBytes seems to oscillate a lot with occasional spikes where minimum MaxPossibleArrayBytes goes to fraction of the median value. During one of such spikes my code crashes when minimum goes to 0.01% of the median value.
I am not sure how to debug this kind of issue or what might be causing it. I am running on a machine with 24 cores and 32 Gb of memory.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 13 Jul 2015

Generally speaking, MaxPossibleArrayBytes can reduce as a result of memory fragmentation. This is a significant problem with 32 bit MATLAB, but it is not usually a problem with 64 bit MATLAB unless you are using very large arrays.

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I am using 64 bit system and I do keep around some big arrays (11k x 300 x 8), but I do not do much with them other than read and write to them. What seems to get me in trouble is "waterfall plot" that performs:
im_wf = circshift(im_wf,[1 0 0]); % shift all the lines down
im_wf(1,:,:) = newline; % overwrite the first line
im_wf = cat(1,newline, im_wf(1:end-1,:,:));
operations on much smaller array (700 x 300 x 3). I wonder if those operations are somehow more prone to defragment memory.

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