Align two arrays by time column

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Charles on 6 Dec 2011
Someone already asked this question, however there is no answer.
"Does anyone know of a MatLab utility to facilitate alignment of two datasets acquired on two devices whose clocks are slightly off? "
Here is exactly what I want to do. I have two arrays:
x1 = 1:5; y1 = 1:5;
x2 = 2:6; y2 = 1:5;
So this is a simplified version of my data. What I want is to visualize this data using a gui, and then align both dataset using a push button. In principle, I know what the push button should do, i.e reduce the value of the array x2 by 1 or increase that of x1 by 1.
However, my knowledge with GUI is limited. I am using 'guide'. I have programmed a counter which should modify the value of the time-axis array and display the increase/decrease required for the alignment. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Can someone give some help?
Thanks. Charles

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 6 Dec 2011
What do you mean 'align'? Is the data identical and so you want the union of them? Do you want a mean over locations of two both? Or dispose of all x2 values where you have an x1, or take the max? Please try and define this so we can tune our answers instead of speculate. For the mean time, a few tools that may be your friends:
doc union %and other set ops
doc accumarray %to do something else with them.
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Charles on 6 Dec 2011
Ok, both data sets are basically the same if you add 1 to the values of x1. So what I want is to visualize the data and increase or decrease the value of the time axis using push button.

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