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Charles on 7 Dec 2011
I have a text file which contains the following data format
abc (1:200, 200: 400)
bcd (1:300, 200: 300)
cde (1:100, 200: 500)
The first line tells me the number of lines to read in. How do I read in the values of the 2: 4th lines? I am using textread but it only returns the value of the first line.
Thanks. Charles

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 7 Dec 2011
There are at least a couple ways you can try. One is to use the textscan() command.
I also like the readtext() command from the File Exchange: for this sort of thing.
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Charles on 7 Dec 2011
textscan is exactly what I needed. Thanks.

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