numerical integration error

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How come I get an error? What does this mean?
X = 0:1:100; Y = X^(-1/2)*exp(-0.5*(0.00009996^2/X+34.3713^2*X)); Z = trapz(X,Y)
??? Error using ==> mpower
Inputs must be a scalar and a square matrix.
How can I numerically integrate the function Y?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 2 Mar 2011
You need a '.' before your '^', i.e:
Y = X.^(...)
Pavol Namer
Pavol Namer on 5 Aug 2014
Hi I solving similar problem. I don't realy understand the second comment "And also for the / and * involving the vector X."
What is the righ equstion for Y = X^(-1/2)*exp(-0.5*(0.00009996^2/X+34.3713^2*X)) It is: Y = X.^(-1/2)*exp(-0.5*(0.00009996^2./X+34.3713^2.*X))
I try to type function
and don't know how, because same error appers...
Thank you for your answer.

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