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Including graphics into title page using customize title page stylesheet in report generator

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Allan Brett
Allan Brett on 26 Aug 2015
Answered: Phil Goddard on 14 Sep 2015
I am using the Matlab report generator. I wanted to create a custom title page so I used the Custom Titlepage stylesheet. I'm looking to include a graphic on this page, but using the custom titlepage stylesheet seems to disable the graphics that I included from the "Image" option in the Titlepage component. All other inputs from the Titlepage component work, Title, Subtitle, Author, Abstract, Legal Notice and the timestamp, but not the graphic. Any help on how to modify the Value(XML) to include the image specified in the titlepage component would be appreciated. Currently the Value(XML) code for content reads as follows, there is a graphics option specified, but it appears to do nothing:
<title font-family="{$title.fontset}" margin-left="{$title.margin.left}"/>
<subtitle font-family="{$title.fontset}"/>

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Phil Goddard
Phil Goddard on 14 Sep 2015
Came across the same problem recently, and found that within the XML (generated by temporarily using the DocBook target), you'll find that the tag used is called <imageobject> not <graphic>.
Hence, within the Custom Titlepage stylesheet, if you change all occurrences of <graphic/> to <imageobject/> then the image will get put into the report.
That works for me in R2015a.

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