Response optimization: Unable to get the optimization due to check custom bound error

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sanjeet on 30 Aug 2015
Edited: sanjeet on 30 Aug 2015
I created a simscape block for injector. I am interested to tune the parameter values of some input blocks values within the range known. I saved the parameters in 1 set as 'Design variable in optimisation windows session'. I created a check custom bound block in file - with the upper and lower bounds values: the upper is a profile(>0) and the lower bound as the 0 for upto 0.006s time. But when i try to run for optimization : I get the following error: Design Optimization 1 9:34:57 PM Aug 29, 2015 Elapsed: 0.342 sec
The requirements applied to 'Injector_optimiser/Check Custom Bounds' do not admit a feasible solution. The requirements 'Upper signal bound from '0.0000' to '0.0060' seconds.' and 'Lower signal bound from '0.0000' to '0.0060' seconds.' must not overlap.
Component: Design Optimization | Category: Optimize error
I am not well versed in optimization sequence or tools, I was following the tutorials in matlab sites - seeing suspension examples. I can share my file if needed, waiting for some advice to solve this issue.
Upper /lower bound

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