copy the content of a text file to another text file

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I have several text files and each contains 3 things that I need to know(user name, date, comments). I am interested to create another text file where I want to copy only the comment from each file. (So to see a history of all the comments.)
I tried this:
fid = fopen('info.txt'); //my txt file containing the 3 info
F = fread(fid, '*char')'
CommentsHistory = fopen('CommentsHistory.txt', 'wt');
fprintf(CommentsHistory,'\nComments history:\n\n');
But with no result, I can see only the result of this line:
fprintf(CommentsHistory,'\nComments history:\n\n');
I must say that I tried with this code to copy everything what is in info.txt (so not only the comments). Copying only the comments probably will be another problem...
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Jan on 14 Dec 2011
Does your F contain any zeros? can you display it in the command window? Are you looking to the correct folder?

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Eric Pahlke
Eric Pahlke on 15 Dec 2011
Not sure why why your code doesn't work, did you try:
open CommentsHistory.txt
The code below is how I solved a similar problem of trying to get data from specific fields in a text file. It only works if the relevant strings are on the same line as a unique text cue (stored in the first column of "Fields") that indicates where they sit in the file.
fid = fopen('info.txt'); %my txt file containing info
% First column is the identifier to searched for
% Second column is the var name to store the data in
Fields = {
'UserName: ', 'UN';...
'Date: ' , 'D';...
'Comments: ', 'Com';...
for jj = 1:length(Fields)
found = 0;
frewind(fid); % With this the fields can be out of order
% Advance the file until we find the text cue,
% then save the value
while ~found
currentline = fgetl(fid);
if currentline == -1
% End of file
error('Text cue not found: %s',Fields{jj,1});
startind = strfind(currentline,Fields{jj,1});
if ~isempty(startind)
% Dont want to count the identifier as data
startind = startind + length(Fields{jj,1});
val = currentline(startind:end);
% The next line stores the data in the variable
% named in column 2 of "Fields"
eval(sprintf('%s = val;',Fields{jj,2}));
found = 1;
fid2 = fopen('CommentsHistory.txt', 'w');
fprintf(fid2,'\nComments history:\n\n');
fprintf(' Name was %s, Date was %s, Comments was %s',UN,D,Com)
The example info.txt I checked this with is:
UserName: Bob
Date: 2/22/2002
Comments: These are my comments

Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 15 Dec 2011
Thank you for your answers!:)
Finally I solve my problem. I did a trick if I may say so. This is what I did:
for i=1:txt_file_nr
fid = fopen('versioninfo.txt');
[content]=textread('versioninfo.txt', ...
'%s', 7) % where 'content' will be a cell
versiunea{i,1}=content{1,1} %first cell that contains the version number
comentariu{i,1}=content{5,1} % last cell that contains the comment
In case somebody needs this part of code :D Diana


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