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GPU computing in spmd

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Aseman on 15 Dec 2011
Hi, I have two computers with cuda enable gpus when I run "gpuArray" locally, it workes well but when I run it in SPMD statement on 2 computers it shows this error: " No device supporting CUDA was found." if I want to have a cluster of GPUs what can I do? Thanks
Aseman on 15 Dec 2011
OS:64 bit Win7
GPU:GeForce GT 430
Is it possible to use a GPU command in spmd on cluster?

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Accepted Answer

Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 15 Dec 2011
This should work, since it looks like that card supports TCC mode.
You can check (and change) this with the nvidia-smi utility, which should be in with the files that came with the driver in a directory called "NVSMI"
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 19 Dec 2011
Yes, that looks to be the case with this card on Windows:

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Friedrich on 15 Dec 2011
the doc says the following:
Access from a MATLAB worker running on a Microsoft Windows operating system with a job manager as the scheduler, requires an NVIDIA Tesla Compute Cluster (TCC) driver with an NVIDIA Tesla card.

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