How do I publish results with an input command?

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kevin nguyen
kevin nguyen on 9 Sep 2015
Answered: San N on 16 Dec 2020
When I publish my code, I get an error saying there is no value for n. This is correct,so I'm wondering if there is a way to publish while saying n =8. I'm trying to make a random number column vector nx1 then sort it by descending values.
here is my code:
n=input(' enter an integer:');

Accepted Answer

Hamoon on 9 Sep 2015
Hamoon on 10 Sep 2015
save your script as mycode.m then execute this:
As you know if your current folder is different from where you saved your script, you need to pass the full path of your script. eg.

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San N
San N on 16 Dec 2020
IF I want to publish the outputs after getting an input from user, how can I do it ?

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