Is it possible to call a pre-trained neural network as a function in another script?

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ssalimi on 11 Sep 2015
I am trying to read the EEG signals in real-time in C++ and then send the data to MATLAB for processing. I have prepared a neural network using neural network toolbox in MATLAB to classify the EEG signals into three categories. Now, my question is how can I use this pre-trained neural network for a new set of dataset automatically without requiring the user to do something manually (import the new data set to network)? So let me clarify, my only question here is when I receive the new EEG signals and process them (add filters and calculate some features as an input for the network) how can I import these feature to the pre-trained network automatically? Can I call the pre-trained network as a function in my script and if yes, what steps do I need to take? (I have saved the network as a Mat file).
Thank you in advance for your response.

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Hamoon on 11 Sep 2015
Yes you can save your trained network as for example "net.mat" and later import that network and use "sim" function to get the result for a new signal:
y=sim(net,x) % net is your trained network
% x is the vector of features for new signal
Please read the documentation of sim function for details:
doc network/sim
Aaron Karlo Maranan
Aaron Karlo Maranan on 14 Mar 2017
Hi, we are also having a project regarding classification of eeg signals into three categories. We would like to know how you utilize the generated file from ANN in classifying the categories.may you please post your codes on how to call or utilize the generated mfile from trained neural net. Thank you

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