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3D plot

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zozo on 19 Dec 2011
Answered: James Ryland on 11 May 2017
%grid on
for j=1:360
theta(j)= j / 180 *pi; % [Edited, Jan Simon: inlined "degtorad()"]
for m=1:90
sita(m)= m / 180 *pi;
[SP_X(j,m) SP_Y(j,m) SP_Z(j,m)] = sph2cart(theta(j),sita(m),10);
for i=1:numel(Antenna_X_Pos)
Distance(i,j,m) = sqrt(((Antenna_X_Pos(i) - SP_X(j,m))^2 +(Antenna_Y_Pos(i) - SP_Y(j,m))^2+(Antenna_Z_Pos(i) - SP_Z(j,m))^2));
How can I plot Distance in 3D (using i,j,m) ?
zozo on 20 Dec 2011
thank you @walter

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Answers (1)

James Ryland
James Ryland on 11 May 2017
If you store your distance data as 3D array 8 x 360 x 90 you have several ways to visualize what it looks like.
Both of these solutions turn 3D scaler fields into voxels with color and transparency, thus allowing you to visualize 3D density or distance fields.
Solution 1: Volumetric 3 is a full matlab application for visualizing layered 3D density matrices. It was designed to work with fmri and mri but it can handle arbitrary 3D arrays stored as .mat files.
Solution 2: A much simpler tool is Vol3D. But with a lot of programming on your end you can get it to do pretty much anything volumetric 3 does, in that they use highly similar (though distinct) techniques for generating visualizations.

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