How to determine the cut off points

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FIR on 20 Dec 2011
I ahvae to set the cutoff points for a matrix
forexample say have values from 1 t0 100 in one column....for this the cut of points should be foe ex
the cut off points should be determined by using discretization algorithm,please help ,how to use that algotithm,I have 100 rows and 5 columns,each column has different values
for example
column1=1 t0 100(random numbers)
column2=zeros and ones
column3=2000-3000(random 100 numbers)
column4=20-60(random 100 nimbers)
column5=200-600(random 100 numbers)
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Dec 2011
I agree with Walter. I have no idea what the "discretization algorithm" is, so unless you explain it we can't give you code for executing it. You seem to say the cutoff point is randomly chosen. Well, okay fine, but how many random locations do you want? Do all columns have, say, 5 cutoff points randomly chosen? Or do they have different numbers? You can look up randi() in the help so what additional help do you need from us?

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Accepted Answer

Jim on 20 Dec 2011
use for loop
for i=1:5
A{}=your algorithm for cutoff points(col1,col2,col3,col4,col5);
this will gives the individual cutoff point values for all the columns
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FIR on 21 Dec 2011
Jan in
A{}=your algorithm for cutoff points(col1,col2,col3,col4,col5);
i did not understand this code can u explain plz

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