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Chi-square distance formula

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Js Goh
Js Goh on 18 Sep 2015
Commented: the cyclist on 31 May 2019
Considering I'm using euclidean distance to calculate the distance between two vector.
Now I want to change euclidean into chi-square distance, does anyone know how to calculate chi-square distance between two vectors?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 18 Sep 2015
I found this page after googling for about 30 seconds:
the cyclist
the cyclist on 31 May 2019
MATLAB has a built-in pdist2 function, which you are presumably calling (rather than the one from the link listed above). You have two options:
  • Download the function from the link above, and use it
  • Use the built-in MATLAB function, which has the ability to define a custom distance function, and code the chi-square distance yourself.

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