How can I plot distribution with shades?

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Giorgi on 18 Sep 2015
Commented: Kelly Kearney on 18 Sep 2015
Hello Matlabers :)
I have timeseries that I forecast for 12 period for 1000 times so I have 12X1000 matrix now and I want to make chart like this
Can anyone help me?

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 18 Sep 2015
you'd do something like this where you would use fill to generate the ranges of the distribution
t = 0:.1:10;
x = 2*t.^2;
ulimit= 10*rand(size(x));
llimit= 10*rand(size(x));
hold on
h(1)=fill([t fliplr(t)],[x+3*ulimit fliplr(x-3*llimit)],'g','edgecolor','none')
h(2)=fill([t fliplr(t)],[x+2*ulimit fliplr(x-2*llimit)],'b','edgecolor','none')
h(3)=fill([t fliplr(t)],[x+ulimit fliplr(x-llimit)],'r','edgecolor','none')
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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 18 Sep 2015
My boundedline.m can help automate the procedure Joseph outlined:
% Data
t = (1:1000)';
y = 2*t.^2;
err = bsxfun(@times, rand(1000,12), t*1000);
y = bsxfun(@plus, y, err);
% Calculate bounds and plot
ymed = median(y, 2);
prc = [0 10 25 75 90 100];
p = prctile(y, prc, 2);
ylo = bsxfun(@minus, ymed, p(:,1:length(prc)/2));
yhi = bsxfun(@minus, p(:,end:-1:length(prc)/2+1), ymed);
bnd = permute(cat(3,ylo,yhi), [1 3 2]);
[hl, hp] = boundedline(t, [ymed ymed ymed], bnd);

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