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matlab 2015 bug - x position of bars in bar plot

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cmo on 18 Sep 2015
Commented: j patri on 9 Aug 2019
hbar = bar( [1 2 ; 3 4])
Since Matlab 2015 , I am unable to get or infer the x position of each bar.
merely gives
[1 2]
which is false (the bare are slightly offset from 1 and 2)
Other Matlab Answers suggest using
However, this attribute is undocumented and hidden from the user, making it risky and unorthodox. Further, while "hbar(1).xOffset" returns a non-zero number when executed in the command window, it produces "0" within any script.


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Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Sep 2015
I can’t reproduce the behaviour with XOffset that you’re seeing.
This works:
hbar = bar( [1 2 ; 3 4]);
xd = get(hbar,'XData');
yd = get(hbar,'YData');
ofst = get(hbar,'XOffset');
hold on
for k1 = 1:length(ofst)
plot(xd{k1}+ofst{k1}, yd{k1}/2, 'r*')
hold off
The ‘new’ HG2 introduced in R2014b removed a significant amount of the functionality of the previous handle graphics versions. (We are doing what we can to recover it.) Meanwhile, I would not upgrade to Windows 10 if you have the option, since R2014a and previous versions (with the ‘old’ handle graphics) will work on Windows 8.1 and previous versions, but Windows 10 is only compatible with R2015a and later, with their restricted handle graphics functionality.


Tobias Gerken
Tobias Gerken on 25 Jul 2019
I have exactly the same problem using Matlab 2018b on Windows 10.
b = bar(data,'FaceColor','flat');
% or
a2 = [(b.XOffset)]
a1 and a2 return zeros. But, when directly copied into the command window I get the correct answer
ans =
-0.2727 -0.0909 0.0909 0.2727
j patri
j patri on 9 Aug 2019
You need to force the figure to be drawn before (using "drawnow"). This force the value of XOffset to be updated!

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