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save RandomForest B and use -v7.3 switch

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YOGESH on 22 Dec 2011
Answered: sinlin ray on 16 Feb 2016
Hello I have a code of feature selection (backward) and I use Random Forest. I have matlab 7.12.0(R2011a) and I run the code parallel using 8 CPUs.
B = TreeBagger(100, predictors, target);
Then I get B, MSE and ntrees. next, I predict as
Ymodel = oobPredict(B);
and the save as
savepath = ('/Net/myname/');
sp = [savepath 'MSE_Ymodel_B.mat'];
save(sp, 'Ymodel, 'MSE', 'ntrees','B');
But after the job is finished successfuly, I get a warning messege and only 'B' is not being saved. The messege I received is
{Warning: Variable 'B' cannot be saved to a MAT-file whose version is older than 7.3. To save this variable, use the -v7.3 switch. Skipping...}
Can anybody tell me how to use -v7.3 switch?
cheers, Yogesh

Answers (1)

sinlin ray
sinlin ray on 16 Feb 2016
you just need change the saving preference. preference—matlab-general-matfiles

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