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License Manager Error -9

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How do I run the activation client to reactivate my license? Error message below:
License checkout failed. License Manager Error -9 Your username does not match the username in the license file. To run MATLAB on this computer, you must run the Activation client to reactivate your license.
When I initially activated the software, it would only let me activate using my username from the other workstation I use the software from. How do I activate with my username for this personal laptop in addition to my office workstation?
Thank you!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Feb 2019
Leah, you can re-run activation.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Oct 2015
Standalone Named User is, if I understand correctly, essentially locked to the username. If you have different user names on different computers then as it will consider them to be different users, as otherwise the "name" control would be meaningless. (Otherwise if you gave the key to me, I could just say "Yup, I'm Graham!" no matter that my username has nothing to do with "Graham".)
The licenses that allow different usernames on different computers to access under the same license are the Network Floating License, especially with a GROUP option configured to restrict them to a subset of potential users.
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Graham Spicer
Graham Spicer on 5 Oct 2015
This makes sense; although it is strange to me since I was able to use both computers for the first year or so of the license, then I started getting the license manager error. I am wondering if there was a change along the line to the licensing or if there was just a bug that needed fixing.

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Luigia Merlo
Luigia Merlo on 5 Dec 2016
And have you solved this problem? If yes can somebody tell me how. Thank you
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Dec 2016
Yes, it's been solved. See my answer immediately above. It's in the FAQ.

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chen jack
chen jack on 15 Dec 2017
so?how did you solve this question?and how did you do?can you carefully talk about it?

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