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How to plot 2 different graphs at GUI?

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sama on 11 Oct 2015
Commented: sama on 12 Oct 2015
Hello all, i am writing a code in GUI that by pushing a bottom, calculate some mathematic and plot a graph. Then, i need by these result, some other calculation done and another graph pupup without any pushing bottom. Could you please help me for second graph? Thanks a lot


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Oct 2015
function button1_callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
f2 = figure(2);
ax2 = axes('Parent', f2);
some_calculated_value = sum(randn(419, 392), 2); %calculate some mathematic
plot(some_calculated_value, 'Parent', ax2); %put up first graph
some_other_calculated_value = exp(-sqrt(some_calculated_value)); %some other mathematic
f3 = figure(3);
ax3 = axes('Parent', f3);
plot(some_other_calculated_value, 'Parent', ax3); %pop up another graph

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sama on 12 Oct 2015
Thanks a lot Roberson. It worked but I think I asked my question not clearly. I am looking to have one of those plot at GUI and another one in another GUI environment.

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