create a while loop: while all values in a matrix are positive(code)

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teenwent11 on 12 Oct 2015
I'm trying to make sure all values in a matrix (the inventory of a shop) are positive and to figure out all possible combinations of three products to maximize profit.
When i run the code below, it always runs infinitely. what's wrong with my loop? i'm running r2014a
maxprof=0 inv=[450;250;800;450;600] tel=[1;1;2;1;2] ster=[1;0;2;1;2] spea=[0;0;1;0;1] while (sum(inv>0))==5 for t=1:100 for s=1:100 for sp=1:100 prof=t*tel*80+s*ster*50+sp*spea*40 inv=[inv-tel*t-ster*s-spea*sp] if prof>maxprof maxprof=prof end end end end end

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Manolis Michailidis
Manolis Michailidis on 12 Oct 2015
You can use the absolute value abs function , or if there are some non positive, by mistake, you can say
where a is your matrix , hope this helps.


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