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Flipped Image registration problem

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Ibraheem Al-Dhamari
Ibraheem Al-Dhamari on 14 Oct 2015
Hi, I am experimenting image registration in Matlab. How can I register an image with a flipped versions of this image? any suggestion? Here is an example:
clc ; clear; close all;
fixed = imread('cameraman.tif');
moved = flip(fixed,2);
figure, imshowpair(fixed, moved, 'montage')
title( 'Un-registred');
[optimizer,metric] = imregconfig('monomodal')
optimizer.MaximumIterations = 600;
registered = imregister(moved, fixed, 'affine', optimizer, metric);
figure, imshowpair(fixed, registered, 'montage')
title( 'registred');
I also tried these codes but nothing work:
tformSimilarity = imregtform(moved,fixed,'similarity',optimizer,metric);
registered = imregister(moved,fixed,'affine',optimizer,metric,...
figure, imshowpair(fixed, registered, 'montage')
title( 'registred');
% another try
tformEstimate = imregcorr(moved,fixed);
Rfixed = imref2d(size(fixed));
registered = imwarp(moved,tformEstimate,'OutputView',Rfixed);
figure, imshowpair(fixed, registered, 'montage')
title( 'registred');

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