How much does a MatLab Compiler cost?

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First how much does a compiler cost? Second can I use the compiler with my student version ML? Third why must a person request for a quote for the price of the compiler?
Jacob Dang
Jacob Dang on 21 May 2016
Matlab Compiler is only available in Professional and Academic version with a very high price. Thus for a student or a hobby user, it is very hard to share the developed program with others who do not have Matlab. This is a rare and serious limitation compared with other mainstream programming language or developing environment. For this reason, I strongly suggest you to consider to use Octave or Python (e.g. Numpy or Scipy) which is free and easy to use.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Oct 2015
Going by memory, MATLAB Compiler is roughly $US4800 for the Commercial / Professional version. I do not know what the Academic prices are. MATLAB Compiler is not available for Student Version or Home licenses.
The why of MATLAB sales policies is beyond the knowledge of the volunteers who are the ones who answer questions here. You would need to ask your Mathworks Sales person.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 May 2016
However "researcher" plausibly has access to academic licenses including Compiler for a rate much lower than I indicated above. Rates for academic institutions vary a fair bit as they often negotiate bulk purchases.
It is true that not all researchers are eligible for academic prices; I was not when I worked in government research.

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