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How to define a string variable in IF statement

Asked by Andrei Makarskiy on 15 Oct 2015
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on 15 Oct 2015
I'm stuck with matlab on almost every simple step I used to work with pretty fast in PHP. How this piece of code inside my function makes me crazy:
matchStr = regexp(filename,'^([0-9\-])+-StockAndOptionQuoteFor([A-z]+)\.', 'tokens');
CurDate = matchStr{1,1}{1,1};
Ticker = matchStr{1,1}{1,2};
Matlab keeps telling "Undefined function or variable 'Ticker'." or The variable 'Ticker' might be used before it is defined! But it's a standard practice in PHP. How do I know which type of variable it would be, a string or double?
Ticker='' didn't help


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Answer by Andrei Makarskiy on 15 Oct 2015
Edited by Andrei Makarskiy on 15 Oct 2015
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global Ticker;
Inside the Function helped. But after the function stops running the global Ticker returns to '' in the workspace. I'm stuck.

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Using global variables is not considered good programming practice, and can cause problems. Add the variable to the function argument list instead.

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Answer by the cyclist
on 15 Oct 2015

Spoiler alert: Different languages have different syntax. :-)
Are you trying to check if a variable named "Ticker" exists, and then create it if it does not? Then use the exist function
if ~exist('Ticker','var')
Ticker = matchStr{1,1}{1,2};
In MATLAB, "~" means logical negation.


Thanks, Folks. Your advice helped. Moreover, I found the problem which set the Ticker to '' every time I called the function, since the statement global Ticker; reset the variable to empty. So, I took out this piece of code to a more appropriate place outside the function.
This is an example of Star Strider's comment about defining global variables being a generally bad practice. Debugging problems can be a challenge, because code that is "far away" and difficult to find can affect something local.

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