Plotting a .dat file

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John Smith
John Smith on 17 Oct 2015
Answered: Martin Schätz on 17 Oct 2015
I was looking for signal databases which I can plot using MATLAB. Some of the file were in .txt format, which I plotted without any problem. There are other sites which provide the files in .dat format (binary format?). How can I plot there files please? The load function is not working.
Thanks in advance.

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Martin Schätz
Martin Schätz on 17 Oct 2015
Hi, if it is really binary fromat, you need at first know with what precission were the data saved (double, uint8, etc...) and idealy how many of them are in your file.
Then you can use script like this:
fileID = fopen('myBinaryImage','r'); % open file for reading
im0 = fread(fileID,[800 600],'uint16'); % read 800x600 array of uint16 data
fclose(fileID); % close reading
I use this for reading of images saved in binary file. For more info follow fopen fclose and fread help.

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