How to print arrays in a table?

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Jackson Chan
Jackson Chan on 17 Oct 2015
Hi, I am using a for loop in matlab to calculate a multiplication of matrix. At each time the loop is executed, it prints out an array of 28x1 in one column. But, I want to print all arrays in a table, meaning the 1st loop gives me the 1st column, the 2nd loop gives me the 2nd column in the table, etc. I would like to know how to do so? Thank you!

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Martin Schätz
Martin Schätz on 18 Oct 2015
Hi, without some code example i can just sugest that you can add your vector at the end of some array, and then print the array.
Post your code and I can help you more.
Shyam Krishna Jeyachandren
HI I am trying to do the same. Can you let me know how to proceed?
I have a bunch of arrays and want to display them coloumn wise with each iteration using for loop (Meaning coloumn 2 has to be displayed in 2nd iteration, column 3 in 3rd iteration and so on). But the variable name is displayed along with the output for each iteration. I am not sure on how to limit that to the frst time only.
Can you help me in this regard.

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