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3D Binary image registration

Asked by 2one
on 27 Oct 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Harvey Hu on 9 Oct 2018
I have 2 3D binary images which I would like to register (translate) so that IM2 ~= IM1 after translation. Is there a standalone matlab function or script to do this? Ideally without any toolbox requirements.

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Hi, have you solved your problem? I want to warp a 3D binary image to another with non-rigid registration, but what I have got are all for CT/MRI. Could you please help me if you have any idea? Thanks!

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1 Answer

Answer by Rahul Goel on 29 Oct 2015

Hi, I would suggest you to go through this link which has an explanation with a descriptive example on how to register the 3D images using MATLAB.
Unfortunately, this functionality is not available with base MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox is necessary to use this function.
Hope this helps.


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