Deleting rows from a uitable

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PN on 21 Jan 2011
My question appears to be rather simple, but I haven't been able to come across a solution yet. Suppose we have a pushbutton that will be used to delete a given row within said uitable. I need to get the information as to which row is selected before I delete it.
So, first of all, how do I select an entire row in the uitable (i seem to be restricted to selecting cells), and secondly, what type of callback (CellSelectionCallBack perhaps) should I be looking to get.
Finally, how do I get the information from this callback, i.e. is it possible to store the row number in a variable?

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 21 Jan 2011
You can not select a column or a row currently (2010b). You can select cells. You might be able to hack something together from that selection. Is that something you are willing to do? If so, edit your question to reflect this.

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Sam G.
Sam G. on 21 Jan 2011
You could use the UserData property to store the row and column of the selected cell, then access it whenever you need it with
ud = get(handles.uitable1, 'UserData')
ud(1,1) would be the row index and ud(1,2) would be the column index. In the CellSelectionCallback you would need something like this
set(handles.uitable1, 'UserData', eventdata.Indices)
to store the row and column indices of the currently selected cell in the uitable's UserData. There are some complexities to work out like what to do when the user selects multiple cells, but that's the basic idea.

PN on 24 Jan 2011
Ok I now understand that I can't select an entire row. Let us suppose then that I want to select a given cell, and from that obtain the row index.
I have used the suggestion above:
function csplate_table_CellSelectionCallback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
set(handles.hObject,'UserData', eventdata.Indices)
However, this seems to be doing nothing at all, because everytime I click a cell I don't seem to be able to trigger the 'set' event.
Thanks for the attention shared so far.
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PN on 24 Jan 2011
I realized I can't use the hObject reference. It seems to be working now.
Thank you for the previous answers!

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