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PID block with filter time constant

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Rick on 4 Nov 2015
Edited: Rick on 4 Nov 2015
I am working on a homework problem
Consider a first-order + dead time process with the following transfer function:
g_p (s)=(k_p e^(-θs))/((τ_p s + 1 ))
Where k_p=10,θ = 1,and τ_p = 1.
Compare the setpoint performances of PID + filter, PID, PI, and PI + time delay tuning rules from Table 9-2 (rows A-D) in Bequette using a unit setpoint change and λ = 10. Plot y and u vs. t for each of the four controllers and comment on the differences between the four controllers.
Hint: depending on the Simulink block you use to represent the controller, you may get an error or a strange result. If you do, discuss this and try using another block.)
I am wondering what the hint is supposed to mean. I know for a PID with filter controller, there will be a time constant for the filter, but with a PID controller block in simulink, there is no "F" input, so I am wondering if there may be another block more appropriate for this purpose.

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