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Store strings that are produced from a loop

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Hello, I want to store strings in a variable that have been provided by aloop. However, I do something wrong because it is stored only the porduced string from loop at my variable. Thi is my code
for allSS=1:size(scnames,1)
nameofsource2open = scnames{allSS,1};
for RPname2open = 1:4
filename = [readtraf,'.xls']
if exist(filename, 'file') % File exist
counterscen2 = counterscen+1
filename2 = sprintf('trafscenRP%d%s',RPname2open,nameofsource2open)
alltraf = filename2
thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Nov 2015
Before the loop have
alltraff = {};
And in the loop replace
alltraf = filename2
alltraf{end+1} = filename2;

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