Brush data can not be obtained

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Rifat Tolga KIRAN
Rifat Tolga KIRAN on 6 Jan 2012
Commented: Walter Roberson on 14 Nov 2018
I am working on a program which includes brushing datas on a plot. Supposing that we have a script like this:
h = brush;
and i want to get the selected data in a variable. What should i do? i am researhing this issue for 2 days but i couldnt catch a clue. Thank you for your interests.

Answers (3)

Rifat Tolga KIRAN
Rifat Tolga KIRAN on 7 Jan 2012
i have tried this in the begining but it didnt work for me :(
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jan 2012
Then why did you mark your question as solved?

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Rifat Tolga KIRAN
Rifat Tolga KIRAN on 7 Jan 2012
Oh sorry. This is my first time writting here. and i thought that accepting the answers would let it to be published. It is not resolved yet.
h = brush;
what kind of a function should i write to retrieve 'GetSeletedData'?

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