How to call abaqus from matlab?

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zhou y
zhou y on 16 Nov 2015
Dear all, Could you show me how to call abaqus from matlab? I used (! abaqus job=job_1.inp),but it does not work.If you get this,please do me a favor. thank you!

Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Nov 2015

George Papazafeiropoulos
George Papazafeiropoulos on 7 Dec 2016
!abaqus job=job_1 without the extension (*.inp). If you want to obtain the results of this analysis back to Matlab, then you have to somehow halt Matlab execution in order for the Abaqus analysis to complete first. A technique for this is described in the examples of a new Matlab toolbox, named Abaqus2Matlab, information for which can be found here:


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