how I can show the performance of a program into a window (edit text maybe) inside a gui development?

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Hello to everybody. I need some help on this issue. I'm developing a gui user interface, using images, buttons, mouse events and something like that. I have to export the program as an executable file and I want to put a kind of window (in the same gui) showing the performance of the program; i.e. a window where the user can see the same lines that I show in the command line ("In the main loop", "taking the next value", etc) and above all, the errors.
I'm trying to use a string variable that takes the messages that are generated to the user and displayed on an object "text editing"; the problem is I can not show chain by chain, it has to be the entire string at the end of the program. Any suggestion?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Nov 2015
After you update the graphic object that is to hold the text, call drawnow() to make the update visible.

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