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Color coding commented statements and comments following a statement

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I would like to know if there is a possibility of having a different color for a commented statement and a comment that follows a statement, e.g.,
% u=rand
u = rand % generate a random number from U[0,1]
shows both in green but I would like to differentiate. I could not find a lead from MATLAB preferences.
olshie on 28 Feb 2022
It would be great to differentiate comment colors with flags: for example
%todo: do this later
would appear in a different color.
Gionata Quadri
Gionata Quadri on 13 May 2022
A small workaround could be to write the "comments" (e.g. todo) as a system command with the bash colon operator ':', and temporarily change their color in the settings.
s = settings;
s.matlab.colors.SystemCommandColor.TemporaryValue = [255 75 0];
!: TODO: Lorem ipsum
Unfortunately it only works on new lines.

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Answers (5)

Michal Demjan
Michal Demjan on 21 Aug 2019
Also interested!
Maybe just implement different commenting function starting with '%!' or something..

mbvoyager on 24 Aug 2018
I'm also interested in this feature!

Francesco Guaresi
Francesco Guaresi on 4 Dec 2018
Hi guys! I'm interested too!!

Eli on 7 Jul 2022
I would also like more customizability for organizing code (like changing colors of comments)!

mohand alzuhiri
mohand alzuhiri on 25 Oct 2022
It would be nice to have a special color for ToDo items...This feature would be useful especially when you want to share them with your team


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