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Generating excutable to only install gui not MCR

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Bishoy Hanna
Bishoy Hanna on 19 Nov 2015
Answered: Richa Gupta on 25 Nov 2015
I understand that the exe generated by deploy will install both the MCR and the gui. But lets say I make corrections to the gui, and I want to share it with the same person again, How can I create an exe that only installs the gui without having the MCR portion as well?
Thanks for the help in advance!

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Richa Gupta
Richa Gupta on 25 Nov 2015
Hi Bishoy,
If you do not want to send the MCR again, do not include it when you create the executable. Also, even if you package the MCR with your GUI again, it will not install the MCR again on the end user's machine if it already has MCR installed.
Hope this helps.

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