How can I make .exe file for my gui program?

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Giorgi on 25 Nov 2015
Commented: Shameer Parmar on 1 Dec 2015
Hello all :) Well I have created GUI program that contains many GUI windows those are linked, also I have many variables those are supportive variables, some of them are deleted during using the program and some of them are created or saved. Now I want to convert all of these files into one exe file in order to send others and then they install it and have opportunity to use it.
I have never done this before so I have no idea from where to start. I have Matlab 2014a version. Any idea would be a great job for me. thanks in advance.
Shameer Parmar
Shameer Parmar on 1 Dec 2015
@Giorgi: Yes, you can create this. The freeware tool name 'Inno Set Up' is available. Install this tool on your system.
Then open this tool in editor form (you can refer HELP for detail). You need to write a code in this editor of inno setup as per your requirement of creation of exe. (refer HELP, as I can't explain you it here) Note: after installation of this tool, it also create the example folder at installation path, which you can refer.
Once you are done with inno set-up coding, you need to compile it, in order to remove the error and when you run it it will create the .exe file, which you can provide to anyone for its installation.
Please check if this can help you OR you need any more information.

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