solve a linear equation system with box constrains

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Jan Klement
Jan Klement on 26 Nov 2015
Commented: Jan Klement on 26 Nov 2015
How can I solve a overconstrained equation System in of the type A*x=b where A is a Matrix, b a vector, x is the solution vector. Each element has a box constrain of the type ci<xi<di. I know there are functions in the optimzation Toolbox, but unfortunatly I don't have it.

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Torsten on 26 Nov 2015
min: sum_{i=1}^{n}{a_i^t*x-b_i}^2
Now replace x_j with lb_j*sin^2(y_j)+ub_j*cos^2(y_j) and use fminsearch to solve for the y_j.
Here, lb_j and ub_j are the lower and upper bounds for x_j.
Of course, using lsqlin to solve would be much more safe and efficient.
Best wishes
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Jan Klement
Jan Klement on 26 Nov 2015
Thank you Torsten,
it works slow but it works sufficiently good if the number of function calls is increased. I have tested your aproach against fminsearchbnd from the matlab central and is it always faster. Here the code if someone Needs it:
xt is the solution.
xr=fminsearch(@(x) afun2(x,A,b,lb,ub),start,optimset('MaxFunEvals',1e5,'MaxIter',1e10));
[ysum y xt]=afun2(xr,A,b,lb,ub);
function [ysum y xt]=afun2(x,A,b,lb,ub)

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