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How to design a bandpass filter

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I need to design a bandpass filter with sampling rate of 1kHz and bandpass from 1 to 200 Hz and then insert a signal my signal in the filter can any one give the syntax for it? This is for EEG seizure data. I need to preprocess it.
Side note: I own 2011 student version of MATLAB


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 1 Dec 2015
If you want to write your own code, you can use the procedure in How to design a lowpass filter for ocean wave data in Matlab?


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Udit Gupta
Udit Gupta on 1 Dec 2015
The easiest way is to use the Filter Design and Analysis Tool. Just type fdatool in matlab command window. This needs Signal Proc. Toolbox though.


Darkhan Kenestegi
Darkhan Kenestegi on 1 Dec 2015
Ah, is there any way I can write a code for that?
Udit Gupta
Udit Gupta on 1 Dec 2015
fdatool has the option to generate code for you. Use
File>Generate MATLAB Code
Satya swaroop Swain
Satya swaroop Swain on 9 Jun 2018
how can my signal be passed into this filter

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