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Ho to convert a signal from discrete to continuous in Simulink block diagram?

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xavg on 1 Dec 2015
Commented: Hari Ranga on 20 Dec 2020
I have a discrete-time controller, and I want to plot the continuous-time step response of my closed loop system with a Simulink block diagram. I know how to do the steps using regular matlab programming and how to get the discrete-time step response in simulink. But then I would need a block to transform the discrete response to a continuous one and I can't find it.
In code the operations are
Basically my question is: can I simply create a closed loop with G_discrete and K_discrete in Simulink and then use a block equivalent to the "d2c" function to get a continuous-time step response?
Thank you!

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 25 May 2017
Even better! In Simulink, you don't need to convert your plant model to a discrete system.
If your controller block(s) are discrete, you can pass them directly into continuous block(s), so you truly have a discrete input acting on a continuous-time plant. This may be preferred to the MATLAB approach which forces you to discretize your plant model to the same rate of the controller.
For example, try connecting a Discrete Transfer Fcn block to a Transfer Fcn block. You can also check the block sample times in the Simulink menu under Display > Sample Time > All.
- Sebastian
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Hari Ranga
Hari Ranga on 20 Dec 2020
Interesting, so with this setup how come Simulink does not complain about driving continuous state block with discrete inputs?

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