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Fast r-contiguous matching (based on location similarities)

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BigBang on 8 Dec 2015
Answered: BigBang on 8 Dec 2015
Assume that we have 2 equal size binary.
How can we check their "R" contiguous matching based on similar location?
For example if we set r=4 then the result will be false since there is no 4 contiguous similarities of locations. Both strings have 0000 or 1111 or 1010 but they are not in similar location .
However if we set :
The result will be true since the last 4 char (R) in both strings are equal to "1111".
What is the fastest way to do that. I found a fast solution in :
bin = 2.^(0:r - 1);
A2 = filter(bin, 1, A == '1');
B2 = filter(bin, 1, B == '1');
bool = any(ismember(A2(r:end), B2(r:end))); % need to trim first r-1 entries
But in this solution checking similarities is not based on location.

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