Cannot change resolution of USB Webcam using Webcam Support Package

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Jonathan Olson
Jonathan Olson on 9 Dec 2015
Edited: Jonathan Olson on 9 Dec 2015
I am unable to change the resolution of my USB webcam using the USB Webcam Support Package. The errors are below. It seems to only work at the default display resolution.
Further, using the preview function does not fail at higher resolution, but does not change the resolution from the default 640x480. The output window is the size specified, and the image that appears is 640x480 displayed in the upper left of the 1920x1080 window. I have also tried using set(camera0,'Resolution','1920x1080') with the same results.
I am using a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 on Windows 8.1. Any thoughts?
>> webcamlist
ans =
'HD WebCam'
'Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920'
>> camera0 = webcam(2);
>> camera0.AvailableResolutions
ans =
Columns 1 through 6
'640x480' '160x90' '160x120' '176x144' '320x180' '320x240'
Columns 7 through 12
'352x288' '432x240' '640x360' '800x448' '800x600' '864x480'
Columns 13 through 17
'960x720' '1024x576' '1280x720' '1600x896' '1920x1080'
>> camera0.Resolution = '1920x1080';
>> size(snapshot(camera0));
ans =
480 640 3
>> camera0.Resolution = '640x480';
>> snapshot(camera0);

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