programming simulink blocks

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ryan webster
ryan webster on 6 Mar 2011
How do I program my own systems/ blocks for simulink?

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 6 Mar 2011

MarkB on 7 Mar 2011
There are two main methods: Embedded MATLAB blocks and S-functions. Embedded MATLAB blocks essentially allow you to define your simulation step behavior in MATLAB code and (with few exceptions) generate code from them if you are using Real-Time Workshop.
S-functions come in two flavors: Level-2 M-file S-functions and C-MEX S-functions. Level-2 M-file S-functions are written in MATLAB, and provide more access to simulation events than Embedded MATLAB (such as derivatives and initialization). C-MEX S-functions are written in C and give you pretty much complete control over everything the block does.

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