Subtracting Two Matrices of different sizes

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AR on 18 Dec 2015
Commented: AR on 20 Dec 2015
How do I do the following subtraction: let X = [302 64] where all values in X are either 0s or 1s
A= X - X';
A=[302 64] - [64 302];
How do I find subtract these?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Dec 2015
For any one entry in the result, say A(J,K), how should A(J,K) be computed?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Dec 2015
T1 = X; %the left side
T2 = X'; %whatever the right side is
if any(size(T1) < size(T2))
T1(size(T2,1),size(T2,2)) = 0; %zero pad
if any(size(T2) < size(T1))
T2(size(T1,1),size(T1,2)) = 0; %zero pad
A = T1 - T2;

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Renato Agurto
Renato Agurto on 18 Dec 2015
do you mean something like this?
%A,B: inputs matrices
%C output matrix
N = max([size(A,1) size(B,1)]);
M = max([size(A,2) size(B,2)]);
An = zeros(N,M);
Bn = zeros(N,M);
An(1:size(A,1), 1:1:size(A,2)) = A;
Bn(1:size(B,1), 1:1:size(B,2)) = B;
C = An-Bn
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AR on 20 Dec 2015
Renato, Thanks. This way worked too. Allen

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