How to get my for loop working?

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I want to fill an empty matrix with values that equal the size of other matrices, being muscles. I tried looping over the different muscles, but the loop gives me a matrix with 6 times the size of last muscle, instead of 6 different numbers.
Here's my code:
Names2 = {'soleus', 'tibant', 'gaslat', 'vaslat', 'rectfem', 'hamlat'};
Vars2 = {soleus, tibant, gaslat, vaslat, rectfem, hamlat};
nvars = length(Vars2);
Duration = zeros(6,3);
for s = 1 : nvars
for d = 1:6
Duration(d,1) = length(IndexMuscleActGait.(names2{s}));
This gives me a matrix with in the first colum 6 times the number 50, which equals length of IndexMuscleActGait of the last muscle. However, I want the length of the 6 different muscles, and I can't find the right command to get it working.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Dec 2015
for s = 1 : nvars
Duration(s,1) = length(IndexMuscleActGait.(names2{s}));
Renato Agurto
Renato Agurto on 22 Dec 2015
for s = 1 : nvars
Duration2(s,1) = length(IndexMuscleActGait.(names2{s}));
Duration2(s,2) = length(IndexMuscleActStairUp.(names2{s}));
Duration2(s,3) = length(IndexMuscleActStairDown.(names2{s}));
for s = 1 : nvars
Duration2(s,1:3) = [length(IndexMuscleActGait.(names2{s})),...

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Renato Agurto
Renato Agurto on 22 Dec 2015
Edited: Renato Agurto on 22 Dec 2015
I think you should use
Duration(d,s) = ... %not Duration(d,1)
or maybe what you want is
Duration(d,1) = length(IndexMuscleActGait.(names2{d}));
if this last is correct, why do you have 2 for loops?
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Inti Vanmechelen
Inti Vanmechelen on 22 Dec 2015
That would mean I get 6 columns as well, and I only want 3.
Sorry, I didn't copy enough code for you to understand my full intention. The part I copied above has to give me 6 different numbers in the first column of the matrix.
Then I would repeat the same loop for IndexMuscleActStairUp (instead of Gait) and these 6 six numbers would fill the second column. Then i'd have a third column containing the lengths of IndexMuscleActStairDown.
So the 3 columns of 'Duration' cover the motion, the rows cover the lengths of the IndexMuscleActGait.(names2{s}) matrices.

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