Creating a loop for genearating matrix

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Hello All, I am new to matlab and i need to create a loop for my code below. Could yu please help me out in this. The input u and y are 301x1 matrices.
m = 1;
Y1 = y(2:301);
psi1 = [-y(1:300) u(1:300)];
theta1 = inv(psi1'*psi1)*psi1'*Y1
e1 = Y1 - psi1*theta1;
Vmin1 = e1'*e1
Y2 = y(3:301);
psi2 = [-y(2:300) -y(1:299) u(2:300) u(1:299)]
theta2 = inv(psi2'*psi2)*psi2'*Y2
e2 = Y2 - psi2*theta2;
Vmin2 = e2'*e2
Y3 = [y(4:301)];
psi3 = [-y(3:300) -y(2:299) -y(1:298) u(3:300) u(2:299) u(1:298)];
theta3 = inv(psi3'*psi3)*psi3'*Y3
e3 = Y3 - psi3*theta3;
Vmin3 = e3'*e3
Y4 = [y(5:301)];
psi4 = [-y(4:300) -y(3:299) -y(2:298) -y(1:297) u(4:300) u(3:299) u(2:298) u(1:297)];
theta4 = inv(psi4'*psi4)*psi4'*Y4
e4 = Y4 - psi4*theta4;
Vmin4 = e4'*e4
Y5 = [y(6:301)];
psi5 = [-y(5:300) -y(4:299) -y(3:298) -y(2:297) -y(1:296) u(5:300) u(4:299) u(3:298) u(2:297) u(1:296)];
theta5 = inv(psi5'*psi5)*psi5'*Y5
e5 = Y5 - psi5*theta5;
Vmin5 = e5'*e5
I need to create a loop for generating psi everytime. Does anyone have any idea about how can we create it for the above code?
Divya Krishna Ramakrishna
Divya Krishna Ramakrishna on 22 Dec 2015
this is for 5 values i have written. i need to find for 20 values.

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Accepted Answer

Renato Agurto
Renato Agurto on 22 Dec 2015
Hi. I hope this is what you need
N = length(y); %should be 301
for i = 1:5
Y{i} = y(i+1:N);
tmpY = [];
tmpU = [];
for j = 1:i
tmpY = [tmpY -1*y(i+1-j:N-j)];
tmpU = [tmpU u(i+1-j:N-j)];
psi{i} = [tmpY tmpU];
theta{i} = inv(psi{i}'*psi{i})*psi{i}'*Y{i};
e{i}= Y{i} - psi{i}*theta{i};
Vmin{i} = e{i}'*e{i};
Divya Krishna Ramakrishna
Divya Krishna Ramakrishna on 22 Dec 2015
Got it thank you. works perfectly fine :) :)

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