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Why I can not read comments in Chinese in my Mfile?

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sinh on 29 Dec 2015
Answered: YANG LI on 30 Oct 2017
In the past, I wrote a Mfile with very much comments in Chinese (after character %) in my PC with Windows7(x64) and Matlab 2013b. Last month, I have setup my PC with Windows10 and Matlab2015b but now although I can open this Mfile but I can not read those Chinese comments. Those Chinese comments's characters is not Chinese characters. Now I also have many Chinese fonts (include Chinese font I have used to write this Mfile) in my Windows/Fonts. Please let me know how I have to do to read those importan comments in my Mfile! Thank you very much!


Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 31 Dec 2015
That sounds very annoying. Can you attach a small example of such a file to this post? I have some different operating systems and MATLAB versions available, and could try where the problem comes from.
sinh on 1 Jan 2016
Christine Tobler! Thank you very much for your repply! Attach is a small Mfile of me. Now my laptop have two x64 operating systems Windows10 and Windows7 setup in C: and D: driver, but in both of two ooperating systems, Matlab can not read the comments in Chinese characters. In Matlab I also have setup Chinese in Preference/Fonts but I still could not read comment in Chinese. I think it is not easy to solve and I have spend lots of time but now I still could not solve it. I hope you try it and can give me a help. See you!

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Answers (2)

Jan on 1 Jan 2016
Edited: Jan on 1 Jan 2016
The Chinese characters appear directly, when I open the M-file with Notepad++, althought I did not install any Chinese fonts and run an English version of the OS (Win7 64). When I open the File in Matlab R2009a, R2011b and 2015b, the pure ASCII characters are shown.
You can try this - I'm not sure if this works reliably on all operating systems:
  • At first check your locale value:
  • Then open the locale data XML file:
edit(fullfile(matlabroot, '/bin/lcdata.xml'))
  • Replace (in my case):
<locale name="en_US" encoding="ISO-8859-1" xpg_name="en_US.ISO8859-1">
<locale name="en_US" encoding="UTF-8" xpg_name="en_US.UTF-8">


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Paul McKenzie
Paul McKenzie on 23 May 2017
I'm running R2017a. When I go to edit 'lcdata.xml', there is no mention of any ISO-8859-1 encoding or UTF-8, except for the first line: version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ? I don't know what the question marks just inside the ends of that line mean. Is the encoding specification in a different place now?
Dayuan Tan
Dayuan Tan on 29 Sep 2017
As Paul and Dodo said, nothing like [name="en_US" encoding="ISO-8859-1" xpg_name="en_US.ISO8859-1" ] can be found. In R2017b editoin.

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YANG LI on 30 Oct 2017
Same problem with lcdata.xml!!


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